.AQ Electric For Power Solutions Co

.AQ Electric For Power Solutions Co

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By partnering with the MENA Regions’ energy-intensive companies, we can help you realize your Solar PV project through Technical Assistance in different sectors and project phases. We aim to ensure the correct implementation of Projects and their outputs thus improving the Solar PV systems’ safety, reliability, and outcome. AQ Electric aims to light up the world with clean and green energy that is sustainable and responsible. We aim to play our part in the clean and green energy revolution by providing engineering, technical and top-quality solutions to organizations requiring PV services. We established our first branch in Jordan ( 2019 ) offering many technical services for PV projects and electrical facilities with records hit +300Mwp, In (2021) we have extended our services to Egypt and opened a new office for our team in Cairo. AQ electric has been involved in more than +700Mwp PV projects in the region and we always keep looking for more. We offer many technical services for PV projects and Electrical facilities such like : – Comprehensive PV system Inspections – PV systems monitoring and performance analysis – Operation and Maintenance supervision and management – Testing and Commissioning works ( Cold, Hot and Supervision) – PV Projects design packages ( SLD, Layout, BOQ, ..etc) – Technical Due Diligence (TDD) at different stages – Training services with Solarabic company Berlin – Germany – Different Electrical testing services – Detailed thermal image inspection – Owners and Independent Engineering – Factory and Site Acceptance Testing

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