ENGIE Middle-East, South & Central Asia and Africa

ENGIE Middle-East, South & Central Asia and Africa

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With a presence of 30 years, ENGIE is a long-term international investor in the Middle East and the region’s leading energy partner. Under the visionary leadership of the regional governments, we have been the GCC’s pioneering Independent Water and Power developer with a portfolio that now produces 30.5 GW of power and 5.8 million m3 of drinkable water through desalination.

Today, we act to accelerate the transition towards a carbon-neutral economy. We continue to invest in low-carbon thermal energy production, in sustainable desalination solutions and in centralized and decentralized renewable energies.

With ENGIE Solutions and Tabreed, we develop integrated solutions for improved performance & energy efficiency of buildings and industries and for the transformation of cities and territories into smarter, greener and cleaner places.

We firmly believe in a Common Purpose with our clients towards more resilient and sustainable economies and a better future for all.

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