Kafou Energy


During the 1980s, Saudi Arabia’s power needs increased to fuel the growth of the economy. To capitalize on that trend, Kafou Group was established in 1983 and emerged as a key player in the power generation market.
The company has structured itself under a strategic partnership model collaborating with leading international firms in the electricity, power, water treatment, and petrochemicals space. With more than 25 years of specialized experience, Kafou Group has cemented its name as a unique power player in the Kingdom.
To further expand in the energy sector, Kafou Group has established Kafou Energy to become a leading consulting firm in the field of energy and sustainability. Kafou Energy›s goal is to improve the overall energy efficiency of the facility as well as ensure the facility is operating at an optimal level.
Kafou Energy specializes in providing a wide range of energy management services. We design and implement energy solutions, energy consulting, and photovoltaic (PV) systems that create value, protect the environment, and benefit the community.

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