China Lesso Group Holdings Limited (Stock Name: China Lesso, Stock Code: 02128.HK) is a large industrial group that manufactures piping and building materials in China. The business portfolio of China Lesso spans plastic piping, building materials and home improvement, environmental protection, supply-chain service platform and photovoltaic new energy sector. We are offering products and services such as pipes, photovoltaics, plumbing and sanitary ware, integral kitchen, integral doors and windows, aluminum formwork and smart scaffolds, water purifiers, water-proofing materials and sealants, fire-fighting equipment, valves, cables, lighting, hygiene materials, environmental protection, agricultural facilities, and marine aquaculture cages. Our revenues have reached RMB 32.058 billion in 2021. With the rapid development of internationalization and globalization, China Lesso has more than 30 advanced production bases across 18 provinces in China and in foreign countries. We are committed to improving our strategic layout, broadening our sales network and expanding our market. We provide products and services to customers in a timely and efficient way.

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11 ديسمبر، 2022