The Global Search Company


The Global Search Company is positioned to be a one stop shop for all your Retail and Hospitality recruitment needs. Whether you’re looking for a job or you are an employer looking to make a hire, with our market exposure we can assist in recruitment across a variety of different facets. By scaling down our internal KPIs to one – customer satisfaction, we’re able to ensure our partners receive a tailor made service that helps ensure we deliver a high quality recruitment process. ​ What does our model mean for our candidates? We understand that whether you are actively searching for a new job or just keeping your ear to the ground, the process and be time consuming and sometimes daunting, so we make it our goal to make the process as light as possible by operating a high level, consultative approach which is personalised for you. We also understand that your CV is personal and your time as valuable, so our goal is to ensure we are operating a two way street where clarity and direction are communicated. ​ What does our model mean for our clients? By listening and understanding your business and your needs we create a process to identify the best candidates in the market for you – saving you time and money. Your brand and your employees (both current and future) are two of the most important assets of your business and we are committed to ensuring they are represented to the highest standard, we realise the importance of a well conducted process and how that represents your brand so we make sure quality is at the forefront of our recruitment process.

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