Ecosystem Services Manager ( Environment ) – مدير خدمات النظام البيئي (البيئة)

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Ecosystem Services Manager

Starting date

Supervised by

Senior Manager, Species Conservation

End date

Division / Unit

Biodiversity and Ecosystem Division


NEOM Authority Environment Department

Role Purpose

Oversee the development of science-based ecosystem services policies (e.g. strategies and plans) and regulatory instruments (e.g. regulations, rules, guidelines, standards and protocols) to support the ambition of NEOM in establishing a world-class regulatory framework promoting the sustainable use of biological resources and strengthening ecosystem conservation management in NEOM.

Key Accountabilities & Activities

Key Accountability Areas

Key Activities

Ecosystem Services Policies and Regulations

  • Oversee the development of a world-class legislative framework regulating the conservation management of terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems in NEOM that effectively sustains the valuable environmental, ecological, economic and cultural services provided by these ecosystems.
  • Support the preparation of appropriately-targeted informative policies and legislation, guiding the exploitation of terrestrial, aquatic and marine ecosystems as well as their associated biodiversity components in NEOM to ensure that they are used in a sustainable manner.
  • Provide data-driven technical advice informing the identification, evaluation, spatially-explicit mapping and modeling of ecosystem services across NEOM.
  • Ensure full alignment of ecosystem services management considerations with the “NEOM Region Environment Strategy”, “NEOM Environmental Protection and Sustainability Law”, and “NEOM Environmental Protection and Sustainability Regulations”.
  • Oversee the development of a world-class ecosystem services green book stipulating, inter alias, the identification and assessment of natural capital stocks and ecosystem service flow as well as establishing a science-based biodiversity offset counting and trading system for NEOM.
  • Ensure that NEOM’s ecosystem services informative policies and regulations conform to (and preferably exceed, wherever possible) the highest international standards and best practices.
  • Propose mechanisms promoting the integration of ecosystem conservation and sustainable use considerations in the sectoral and cross-sectoral strategies, plans, programs, and activities as well as political and socio-economic planning and decision-making processes within NEOM.
  • Oversee the development and support the review and continual improvement of world-class policy and legislative frameworks that encompasses ecosystem and biodiversity strategies, plans, regulations, rules, standards, guidelines and procedures that regulate the ecosystem conservation management in NEOM with a particular focus on: in- and ex-situ conservation management, biodiversity mainstreaming, biodiversity positive recovery, biodiversity natural capital and offsets, protected areas, threatened species, sustainable use, biosecurity, access and benefit sharing of genetic resources, and biotechnology.

Program Management

  • Work within a highly efficient and professional team that supports NEOM’s ambition of a world-class ecosystem policy and regulatory framework.
  • Ensure a program of performance monitoring and constant improvement that includes strong awareness of emerging trends and technologies that can improve program efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Identify and utilize data sources, databases, software, data analysis and management tools and GIS to support evidence-based policy reviewing process .
  • Develop scope of work for and support the procurement of proposed projects according to NEOM procedures and guidelines.
  • Manage the implementation of biodiversity-related projects, including the reviewing of policy documents, legislative instruments and reports delivered by appointed vendors.

Budget Management

  • Support the line manager in managing annual budgeting cycles and processes.
  • Be accountable for the effective utilization of allocated budget.
  • Develop strategic initiatives to improve work effectiveness and efficiency with a constant focus on driving value to NEOM and anticipating and mitigating business, environmental and reputational risks.

Stakeholder Management

  • Build alliances with internal and external stakeholders of environment and resources to maintain a current understanding of their expectations and behaviors to optimally support decision-making, anticipate changes in these requirements and maintain user-feedback processes.
  • Cooperate with the line manager to encourage the implementation of joint programs and activities with other departments, consultants, and stakeholders in NEOM.
  • Support the line manager to establish and maintain relations with relevant government and international entities and the wider communities to foster the development of joint programs and initiatives.
  • Create opportunities for education and stewardship pertaining to ecosystem conservation management among NEOM staff, residents and the wider public.

People Management

  • Help instill a culture of development, guidance, and performance within the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Division and NEOM Authority Environment Department.
  • Take responsibility, in collaboration with the line manager, for building and maintaining a high-performance ecosystem policy and regulation team.
  • Promote a high-performance working environment embracing NEOM’s values.
  • Develop and implement a program of capacity development for team members.
  • Foster a culture of excellence, innovation, and continuous improvement.

Key Stakeholders



  • All NEOM Authority Environment Department divisions
  • All NEOM Sectors
  • Local & International Authorities and Governments
  • Global Environmental Entities
  • Subject Matter Experts and Consultants



Knowledge and Experience

NEOM Authority Environment Department is seeking a skilled, enthusiastic, and self-motivated professional to support the delivery of world-class ecosystem services policy and regulatory framework. The candidate must have a sense of adventure, a passion for ecosystem conservation and be willing to relocate to Saudi Arabia. The candidate should have the following minimum qualifications:

  • Minimum seven years of experience in the development and review of ecosystem and biodiversity policies and regulations (work experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf and/or Middle East is a bonus).
  • Experience in the implementation of multilateral agreements pertaining to biodiversity such as the Convention on Biological Diversity, Convention on Migratory Species, CITES and Ramsar Convention.
  • Adequate level of knowledge of current global issues, trends, constraints, and research needs related to ecosystem services policies and regulations .
  • Substantive skills in designing, implementing, and managing environmental projects and programs pertaining to ecosystem services policies and regulations.
  • The ability, and the confidence, to make sound judgements and decisions based on thorough research, problem-solving, innovation and evidence-based practice.
  • A wide collaborative network of leading scientists in ecosystem services policies and regulations.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills in English ( mastering Arabic is a bonus).

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelor (higher degree [master or doctorate] is a bonus) in environmental economics, ecosystem services, environmental law, biodiversity policies, nature conservation, biology, environmental science, natural resource management or closely related natural science field.
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